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When days grow short & nights get cold, autumn trees turn red and gold. In our hearts we feel the lure, towards darkness, shivers & things not pure.

Ghostly shadows creep slowly by, monsters stalking through the night. On Halloween – the night of fear only the scariest things appear.

Target Team, O’ what a scream, still driving the darts theme at Halloween! A pumpkin you say? You could be right, we hope these don’t give you too much of a fright.

From our design team, oh so clever, taking on this spooky endeavour, with pumpkin craft skills which will fill you with terror! Ghouls and Goblins at every turn with our skills that etch, mould, mill and we churn!

Spooky Garry Plummer, out of sight where you stood, in that fleeting and unforgettable eerie black hood. He stalks through the night, gives you a fright but his art in our darts are such a delight.

But who’s the most powerful on this day of the dead? Who if they challenged you would be the one you dread?

It’s Phil the Pumpkin King, the most powerful of them’ all, his chosen weapon, a dart so cruel. He walks wearily through the night, and won’t go away until the dark turns to light. And in the hour of witching, his fans noses are twitching, his performances are just simply bewitching.

Its Halloween, Its Halloween the moon is full and bright, we hope that we have given you all a good fright.

So on this solemn note we must bid you goodnight, may all of your pumpkins stay burning bright! To keep you safe from the shadows of this Halloween night.

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