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Target Partner with JBD Sports

We are pleased to announce an exciting new equipment partnership with JBD sports.  With over 20 years experience in the sports promotion business JBD have staged events in most of the major arenas in the U.K including the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Earls Court Olympia and the Alexandra Palace. For most of that period they were involved in boxing but in 2011  moved into darts management. Initially, their involvement in the sport was based in managing players but after a while their core business became promotion based. They now stage around 15 events a year at various weekend resorts including all the Butlins sites in the U.K., Potters Hopton on Sea and Searles Resort in Hunstanton. With attendances for the shows reaching 2500 and our customer base growing year upon year, JBD are market leaders when it comes to staging Senior Players darts events throughout the U.K.

We see Target Sports as the leaders in their field. Consequently we are delighted to associate our company with Target throughout 2018. The marketing of Target products is second to none in the Darts industry and their aggressive player acquisition has also led them to recognise a players potential way before they become household names – a case in point being 2018 PDC World Champion Rob Cross who was signed very early in his pro career. – Jess Harding

We are proud to be aligned with JBD for 2018, and we hope that this partnership will help raise the profile of Senior Players darts events so that more and more people can watch their favourite darting heroes in action. You can find out more information about the JBD – IAM Legend tour here:

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