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We are absolutely thrilled to be rolling out not only our biggest campaign to date, but also the first TV advert by a darts manufacturer. We pride ourselves on being pioneers of the ‘new’, and now we are changing the way the darts products are marketed, bringing the game to an even wider audience.

Starring the legend and 16 x World Champion – Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, the advert tells the story of a young darts player who steps beyond his limitations to find his inner power, and achieves his ultimate goals.

The message behind this campaign is that you do not need to be a certain race, gender, age, height or weight to be a great darts player. What you need is passion, practice, determination and self-belief. Darts truly is the only sport for what we like to call ‘The Everyday Person’, all you need is good quality equipment and a dartboard, and you could really be the next Phil Taylor.

The TV advert will debut on over 300 television spots across a variety of channels in the UK, including Sky Sports and BT Sports and it is being seeded online tonight on YouTube and Facebook. The Step Beyond campaign was created by Target HQ and Toast TV.


Director – John Gradwell

Graphics Supervisor – Bob Hough

Exec Producer – Felicity Warren

Producer – Chloe Roberts

Director of Photography – Matthew Beecroft